Work of the century flourishes in Zigurats

The most incredible work of the 21st century is being built in the south of Mato Grosso's savannah in Zigurats, the Pearl of the Universe, located in the municipality of Corguinho / Mato Grosso do Sul, near the Havalon Corner belonging to the Dakila Research Association. As unusual as the place where it is being erected, the pyramidal staggered monument contains requirements that surprise and impact by its grandeur and what it will contain when completed.

Set in the center of the city of Zigurats, which with its differentiated houses in round or vaulted shape already draw the attention of visitors, the work will have in its structure cultural space, auditorium, cinemas, thematic rooms, exhibition halls, museum, schools, venues. for research on phenomena not explained by traditional science, special space for the new library for future generations and more.

The point for the construction was strategically chosen in arithmetic accuracy so that the research results are accurate, being located geographically in Parallel 19 degrees South Latitude. To further support the scientific investigations the Astronomical Observatory and the processing center are already in operation. from the Zigurats Technological Center - CTZ, based on Lilarial Science that studies all the phenomena that traditional science does not explain.

The staggered construction began on December 27, 2013 and the foundations phase has now been completed with 63 meters of base by 63 meters of height. This is a work among the members of Dakila Research with several supporters that drew the attention of many other sectors who want to contribute with donations, pr contributions and we had no alternative but to open to the public, since it is a work of interest of humanity.

The excellent perspective on this project is remembered by Urandir Fernandes de Oliveira, who together with his family founded the Dakila Research Association. According to him, “after years of study and planning, we have started the construction work in full swing and we are fully convinced that it will be a pearl for humanity,” he said. The works generated several jobs helping the economy of neighboring cities

The pyramidal and stepped construction follows a pattern used by other civilizations for thousands of years, as the triangle is the perfect shape of geometry. It is well known that the largest ancient structures were in the form of pyramids: the necropolis of Dashur and the Cheops, both in Egypt, the latter being the only remaining Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The largest in the world ever built by volume is Tepanapa, also known as the Great Pyramid of Cholula, in the Mexican state of Puebla.