Together we are stronger! Be part of this history! Zigurats is a female city, if cities can be classified by gender. Looking at some aerial photos we imagine a pearl necklace stored in a small box made of stones.

Pearls are the round houses with white or silver roofs. The stone box is formed by the circle of hills that surround the city and increase its beauty. The hills surrounding Zigurats are truly beautiful and majestic.

The relief around Zigurats forms a belt of beauty and protection. There is a great variety of shapes, heights, distances and degrees of difficulty to climb them. This provides a wealth of adventure tourism activities around the city.

The paths that lead to the hills are amazing trails that leave everyone amazed. The main trails are Zigurats Town, Dakila Path, Stairway Waterfall, Rankstar Hill, among others. The trails are well groomed and safe. Some lighter or shorter and some very difficult or longer. Visitors evaluate your ability to walk either way according to your physical condition.

Scientific Tourism

Both the city of Zigurats and the different points located at the headquarters of Dakila Research offers several opportunities for gaining knowledge for those interested in research in geography, history, archeology, astronomy, astrophysics and other areas of science. We can highlight the Zigurats Technological Center – CTZ with its Astronomical Observatory, the Archaeological Site, different Sundials, Convex Earth model and Solar Analema model.

The Astronomical Observatory is located at the top of one of the hills from which you can see the whole city and the Pyramid under construction in a prominent area. Adjacent to the observatory is the Zigurats-CTZ Technological Center, where data from both the Astronomical Observatory telescope and the special equipment installed there that monitor space and the Earth System are processed.

Rural tourism

Besides the trails we also have tours in the region that offer Rural Tourism in partnership with Zigurats. Visits to neighboring farms agree to promote typical meals, with menus and regional ingredients.

Zigurats offers lodging for visitors, with breakfast and basic tours. It also offers meals through the Casa Colorida Bistro. In Casa Colorida, besides the Bistro, we have the Study Center with its Library, the Toy Library and the Zigurats Radio Studio. BE A ZIGURATS BENEFACTOR! CONTRIBUTE TO FINISHING THIS WORK THAT HAS ALREADY STARTED! After your contribution, please email us at info@pyramidzigurats.com to add your name to our list of benefactors.